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EVENTS: Bull Rider

BIO: Noah Lee, 14 years old.
I am an incoming freshman in Bryson, Texas. I am actively involved in football, basketball, baseball, and track. I am an active participant in our FFA. I have a twin sister and 3 younger brothers. 
I began sheep riding when I was two years old. I won my first event at a PBR in Las Vegas Nevada. Since then I have become addicted. I went straight from sheep to steer. My father, Mike PBR world champion 2004 is my favorite rider.  My fathers style of riding is textbook. My dads best friend is also a favorite , Cody Nance, PBR. I admire the way Chris Shivers rode. Chris and I have a lot in common because of our stature. I learn from his videos on how he dealt with his stature.
I ride bulls with the Jr NFR, MBR, the Patriot. Last year I represented in Texas in the national finals junior high rodeo. I have won The Patriot 2022, the NFR 2021, and MBR 2020. I have a long list of associations that I ride in which also would include the WS open events. Those events are for semi-pro bullriders I am extremely proud that I have began riding in that group April 2021. I won my first event in June 2021. This has allowed me to ride along side of my father, Mike Lee. 
My aspirations in bullriding include eventually a PRCA title and PBR title. 
Bullriding in my family is like an addiction. My father and I we go to ride bulls somewhere in United States 

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