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EVENTS: Goat Tier

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Wyatt is 10 years old and started riding just for fun around the farm when he was 7. Last fall, however, was his first junior rodeo season. The instant he picked up a rope it looked like it was an extension of his arm! He absolutely thrives in the rodeo atmosphere! He makes a new friend at every event we attend and is always willing to lend a hand or hang out with anyone, whether they are his age, younger or older. One reason rodeo is a great sport for our kids to compete in is the comradery that exists among the contestants, even though they are competing against each other. No other sport we have ever participated in has the opposing team cheering each other on. Cowboy Church is another part of rodeo that we enjoy together, rarely does he miss the chance to sit in the stands for church before a Sunday performance. We have benefitted from having Red Horse Training, a western training barn, in our area. We own our own horses so he is able to practice at home but receives regular lessons there to help him continue to grow. 


He currently competes in the Kentucky Junior Rodeo Association (KyJRA) but will start competing with the Southern Indiana Junior Rodeo Association, as well as Little Britches, when the 2021-2022 starts in a few months. His KyJRA events are dummy roping and goat tying but as we join the other two associations he is adding bareback steer and some roping events. Wyatt has his own roping horse that was originally purchased for his older sister and has been using her goat tying horse as well. He finds it incredibly amusing that he has taken over one of her horses and is working on a second. Nothing like sibling rivalry to make a kid more competitive! When he isn’t rodeoing Wyatt also races motocross and enjoys fishing.